Graduated Return to Work Program & Report

The program will involve actual and productive work duties identified by the Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist as being within the worker's capacity and work practice guidelines relevant to the nature of the worker's injury and the performance of the particular duties.

Indicators for service:
  • The worker has been given a partial medical clearance to return to work to modified duties.

  • There is a need to re-establish a 'usual' work routine and behaviour.

  • The worker needs assistance to regain the strength, endurance and/or dexterity to undertake pre-injury duties for which it is believed the worker will be able to achieve following an injury.

  • The worker needs assistance in the transference of skills to enable them to utilise safe and appropriate body mechanics and work practices in an initially less demanding situation than the normal work environment.

  • A claim has been lodged and there is no time loss, however the worker is unable to perform their usual pre-injury duties.

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