Functional Matching Matrix

One of the biggest challenges associated with return to work is determining suitable duties for an injured worker. The Functional Matching Matrix is an electronic database which houses the physical demands of your Job Dictionaries and can assist in the selection of suitable tasks based on medical restrictions.

The tool enables the organisation to insert information obtained from the Doctor’s Letter or a Functional Capacity Assessment, in order to determine suitable tasks for the worker, based on the job role and restrictions. Once the information is entered, a 2 page chart can be printed and saved. This chart will highlight those tasks that fall within the worker’s capacity in “green” and those which fall outside their capacity in “red”, thereby making the determination of suitable duties a quick and objective process.

The Functional Matching Matrix report can also be provided to Physiotherapists or Occupational Therapists to ensure treatment regimes and home exercise programs are focused on the attainment of physical capacity in line with job requirements.

Furthermore, the Matrix can highlight when an injured worker's recovery becomes slow or ceases. This valuable information can be used to assist in the re-evaluation of task and job role suitability or the need for further investigation or interventions.

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