Pinnacle can develop a wide array of site specific resources to enhance injury prevention strategies and promote ongoing reinforcement of optimal work practices. Here are some examples where we can help your organisation to promote a positive safety culture at work:
  • Office Workstation Stretch Posters – a laminated workstation exercise ‘strip’ poster which can be mounted underneath a workers monitor screen or at their workstation. The colour poster acts as a visual reminder encouraging workers to exercise throughout the day.

  • Manual Task Postures or Principles – posters or stickers which can be positioned in the lunch room or at specific areas of the worksite as a reminder of the optimal posture to perform during that particular manual task.

  • Task Specific Stretch Posters – visual reminders of specific injury prevention stretches to perform before, during or following particular manual tasks, and tips on how to perform them.
We can tailor a resources package to meet your needs which can include posters, stretch cards, stickers, handouts, online training modules or technique prompts to enhance your injury prevention strategies.

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