Online Manual Handling Training Modules and Questionnaires

Many companies are turning to online tools as a means of providing information updates and refreshers to their workers. Although we highly recommend face to face training as the best forum to provide expert advice and individual feedback, we can appreciate that it is not always possible or feasible to organise a group of workers to attend a training session. This may be due to staff leave or a mismatch between when a worker commences employment with your organisation and your annual training program. In those instances, an Online Manual Handling Training Modules and Questionnaire package could be developed for your company.

The modules could be utilised for induction or for annual reminders to workers regarding topics such as:
  • Legislation as it relates to manual tasks

  • Risk management process

  • Anatomy and biomechanics

  • Manual handling postures and principles

  • Common injury risks

  • Injury prevention stretches

  • Task specific modules such as using lifters, mopping, loading/unloading vehicle, forklift access/egress

Pinnacle have also developed specific training modules for particular high risk manual tasks and job roles.

In order to develop the modules, Pinnacle will visit your workplace to capture information, observe work practices and gather photographs and video footage, following consent from individual workers. This information will be included in the modules to ensure task, site and scenario relevance.

Each module can consist of up to 10 questions (True/False and multiple choice answers), will have a voice over, contain photographs and video footage and will be developed using PowerPoint and Adobe Presenter. If there are 10 questions, it is anticipated that each module will take the worker in the order of 15 minutes to complete.

At the time of completing the questionnaire workers will be able to print off a certificate inclusive of presentation topic, date and score. It is suggested that these are then provided to a key site representative for collation and tracking on your training database.