Introduction to Fitness and Exercise

Physical activity and exercise influence our social, emotional and physical health and welfare. In addition, recognising and acknowledging ‘lifestyle physical activities’ is an important goal of promoting a healthy lifestyle. This session will appeal to all participants as it provides links between work environments, stretching and strengthening exercises, physical activity guidelines and self-management strategies.

This session aims to:
  • Provide an overview of physical activity and ‘lifestyle’ activity.

  • Heighten participants’ awareness of their own level of fitness and flexibility.

  • Educate participants on workplace stretches and strengthening exercises.

  • Discuss goal setting strategies.

  • Apply an array of self-management strategies to encourage participants to take responsibility for personal health and well-being.

A Physiotherapist will facilitate this session which involves group discussion, practical activities and the performance of both stretching and strengthening exercises.

It includes an overview of Australian health and physical activity guidelines, how to measure fitness and ways to improve fitness. It will also educate participants with regards to the specific exercises they can do to minimise the risk of injury and how they can incorporate exercise into daily work routines.

Participants will be provided with handouts to take away from the session encouraging them to stretch at work.