Workstation Assessments


Our Workstation Assessments aim to increase the awareness of workstation safety, attempt to break “bad” habits which staff may adopt, as well as promote self-reliance in the management of personal health. Assessments can be provided for a single worker, a particular work group or for the whole organisation.


All assessments are performed by an experienced Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist who complete individual checklists for each staff member assessed before producing a report. Each report outlines the following: individual symptoms history / background, workstation issues identified at the assessment, workstation layout adjustments made during the assessment, self management strategies and proposed equipment options. We can also assist with implementation of recommendations including the trial or purchase of ergonomic equipment, should you wish for us to fulfil this role.

As part of the assessment, we will provide each worker with a laminated workstation exercise ‘strip’ poster which can be mounted underneath their monitor screen or at their workstation. The colour poster acts as a visual reminder encouraging workers to exercise throughout the day.

Assessment Options

A Standard Workstation Ergonomic Assessment, which takes approximately 20-30 minutes, tends to be preventative and proactive in nature. Typically, the workers are not experiencing any symptoms or have minor complaints only and the assessment aims to ensure that their workstation is set up optimally to minimise the risk of injury. The Therapist will review the individual at their workstation, identify any ergonomic issues, modify their workstation where necessary and provide recommendations in terms of self management strategies and appropriate working practices. We can also provide proposed equipment recommendations within the report should you wish for us to do so. A brief report will be issued.

A Specialist (extended) Workstation Ergonomic Assessment tends to be requested for individuals who have an existing condition, prior injury or are displaying symptoms. A more comprehensive assessment and report therefore may be required. This assessment takes approximately 45 – 60 minutes. During this time our Therapist will review the worker's symptoms and any other pertinent past medical history together with undertaking an assessment of their workstation. Photographs may be taken to record any workstation issues. Our Therapist will then provide specific education to assist in the management of the identified issues together with advice regarding appropriate workstation layout, aids and equipment. Our aim is to resolve and/or significantly improve symptoms which workers experience when at work and prevent the likelihood of aggravation occurring.

If the Workstation Ergonomic Assessment required is part of a Workcover claim, a more comprehensive assessment and report is recommended. Please refer to our Rehabilitation Services - Worksite Assessments for further information or contact our office on 8271 6544.

If you have a large organisation or many workers to be assessed, you may wish to consider Workstation Ergonomics and Injury Prevention Training as a cost effective first step. Following the training, if any staff continue to have symptoms or discomfort, an individual assessment would be recommended.