Health Screenings

Health screenings allow individuals to understand and monitor their current health status and receive strategies to improve their wellbeing. Pinnacle offer 3 streams of health screening inclusive of the following components:

  • Health Questionnaire

  • Blood Pressure

  • Total Blood Cholesterol

  • Blood Glucose

  • Height & Weight

  • Waist & Hip Measurements

  • Pre Exercise Screen Questionnaire

  • Assessments of the following fitness components:
- Balance

- Cardiovascular Fitness

- Strength (upper & lower body, core)

- Flexibility

  • Assessment and matching of a worker to the physical demands as outlined in company Job Dictionary

  • Allows for targeted individual and organisation strategies to be implemented to assist with the challenges associated with ageing workforce

  • Data can be placed in the Functional Matching Matrix for objective reporting

Upon completion of each screening the participant will receive a print out of their results together with personalised advice from the Health Professional regarding health related issues and strategies to reduce any risk factors identified.

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