Physiotherapy Treatment

A Pinnacle Workplace Consultant Registered Physiotherapist can facilitate assessment and treatment for your staff in a variety of settings.
Our staff can provide the treatment at your workplace, or you can visit us at our clinic at 215 Fullarton Road, Eastwood.

Our treatment services are provided by experienced Physiotherapists, who possess a wide range of experience in manual therapy. A broad range of treatments are available, with an emphasis on education, prevention and self-management. Our aim is to ensure your staff has a full understanding of not only how their symptoms have developed, but also how they can successfully manage it themselves. Please note, Pinnacle can provide this service for both work and non-work related injuries. Our philosophy remains the same. An educated worker is better equipped to control their symptoms, and to recognise the risk factors at work which can contribute to them.

An initial assessment and treatment session will take approximately one hour. Follow-up treatments are between 30-45 minutes.

Please note that on occasion, a Pinnacle Workplace Consultant has provided Workstation Assessments or site visits to develop Job Dictionaries in conjunction with treatment. This allows our Physiotherapists to ensure that the client is working in optimal position, is utilising best practice manual handling technique, and that their progress is not being compromised.

As an additional benefit to your workplace, Pinnacle Workplace Consultants can provide a statistical report about the treatments performed and the symptoms reported. This can be a valuable tool in helping to identify risk factors in your workplace

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