Why workplace wellbeing?

Strong evidence shows that healthy workers and healthy workplaces result in healthy business performance. Chronic disease, which is considered to be largely preventable, is identified as the prime cause of lost work time in the working age population and can lead to disability and early retirement. The key word here is that it is preventable! Absenteeism is estimated at $7 billion each year in Australia , and presenteeism is an estimated $26 billion. Research regarding benefits of workplace health programs demonstrated the following:
  • 25% decrease in sick leave

  • 40% decrease in workers compensation costs

  • 24% decrease in disability management costs

  • $5.80 of savings for every $1 invested in worker wellbeing

  • The healthiest workers are almost 3 times as effective as those least healthy (143 effective hours vs 49)
With 25 percent of the population aged over 65 in 40 years—more than double the current level, our wellbeing programs consider the natural physiological changes caused by aging and aim to reduce musculoskeletal injury risk, help workers be productive and remain at work for longer.

How can we help?

Pinnacle can provide a variety of health and wellbeing services, ranging from 1 hour education sessions, half or full day workshops, health screenings, stretch sessions, wellness weeks or other initiatives tailored to suit your organisation. For the program to be effective, it is important that it is specific to your workforce and meets both organisational and worker requirements. We can facilitate a wellness questionnaire to workers in order to gain insight regarding their perception of their health and wellbeing, and areas of health they would like further information on. By engaging the workers in developing strategies to improve their health and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders at work, the outcomes will be relevant to their individual needs and thus more effective. Integrated and multi-component interventions are most effective, so contact us to find out how we can tailor a wellness package to suite your organisation.

For further information regarding benefits to business of worker health and wellbeing programs check out this article by Comcare: http://www.comcare.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0006/99303/01410_WH_and_S_Benefits_to_business_v1.pdf