Manual Task Coach Training Course


The Manual Task Coach Training Course is designed to enable workers to perform the role of an in house Manual Task Coach, demonstrating appropriate manual handling habits consistently and teaching their colleagues manual handling theory and its practical application to work situations.

The Manual Task Coach Training Course utilises various tools and resources, including Technique Prompts and Manual Task Audit Forms. Pinnacle has a suite of generic Technique Prompts and Manual Task Audit Forms available. However, if the generic tools are not relevant to your organisation or work tasks, it is recommended that site visits are undertaken followed by the development of Organisational Specific Technique Prompts and Manual Task Audit forms prior to the commencement of the Course. It is also a prerequisite that participants have attended a 2-3 hour Pinnacle manual handling induction training session for familiarity with the key manual handling postures and principles.


Following successful completion of the Course, the Manual Task Coaches will be able to:
  • Teach workers the key Manual Handling Postures and Principles;

  • Demonstrate to workers how to apply the postures and principles to their work tasks with reference to site Technique Prompt documents;

  • Observe and provide feedback to workers on their Manual Handling technique whilst performing work tasks;

  • Teach workers Self Management strategies including specific injury prevention stretches ;

  • Perform Manual Task Audits;

  • Demonstrate the application of the Risk management process to site Manual Handling hazards;

  • Demonstrate knowledge of Manual Handling and Risk Management WHS legislation;

  • Review work practices and apply their knowledge of risk management and manual handling principles to reduce risk of injury.
Annual refresher assessment is recommended to prove currency of the Manual Task Coach skills and to provide a forum to discuss success and challenges.

Course Overview

In order for a worker to become a Manual Task Coach they will require not only competent Manual Handling skill, but the ability to teach these skills, demonstrate their integration into work tasks, and critique and provide feedback to other workers. The training and assessment is administered by a Pinnacle Consultant who has completed a minimum of Certificate IV Assessment and Workplace Training.

The In-house Manual Task Coach Training Course consists of 3 distinct parts:

Part 1 - 3 day Manual Task Coach Training
  • 9 training modules completed over 3 consecutive days for up to 6-8 workers.

Part 2 - Coach Competency Assessment
  • A 1.5 hour individual competency assessment comprising of both written and practical assessment performed 2-4 weeks following the training.

Part 3 - Coach Refresher Assessment
  • Annual 1 day Assessment to prove currency of their Coaching skills.

Part 1 - Manual Task Coach Training

The 3 day in-house Manual Task Coach Training comprises of 9 key modules, each having an assessable component. They are:
  • Manual handling legislation

  • Being a Manual Task Coach – adult learning theory

  • Risk management skills applied to Manual Handling

  • Anatomy, Body Mechanics and Common Injury risks

  • Manual Handling Postures and Principles theory

  • Application of Manual Handling Postures and Principles

  • Stretches and Exercises*

  • Observing and Auditing Manual Task Technique

  • Ergonomic principles – application to the workplace

The module ‘Stretches and Exercises’ provides the Coach with basic information on how to teach stretches to co-workers in a group format. It is important to note that the session does not provide the Coach with the skills to diagnose, treat or provide recommendations on an individual’s health and fitness – this diagnosis should only be undertaken by a qualified professional. It is emphasised throughout the course that when conducting stretch training to a work group, the Manual Task Coach should reinforce that if participants have any concerns, they should follow these up with their own health professional.

Part 2 - Coach Competency Assessment

Two – four weeks following successful completion of Part 1 (3 day Manual Task Coach Training), each participant will be required to complete an individual competency assessment comprising of:

Onsite practical assessment for 1.5 hours per worker. During this assessment the participant is required to demonstrate their ability to:
  • Instruct an individual on manual handling postures and principles, and injury prevention stretches and exercises.

  • Provide feedback to a worker on manual handling techniques.

  • Identify manual task hazards and a variety of controls that have been / could be used to reduce the risk of injury.

  • Apply ergonomic principles to a work scenario.
Written assessment submitted to Pinnacle for review.
On successful completion of the practical and written assessment, participants will receive a certificate of competence (if attained) and brief summary report.

Part 3 - Coach Refresher Assessment

In order to prove currency of competence, knowledge and skills, it is recommended that the Manual Task Coaches attend an annual refresher session. This session also provides a forum to discuss success and challenges that have been encountered, and explore an array of additional strategies that could be implemented to further assist with fostering individual and organisational change.