Work-Life Balance

Finding a balance between life and work is essential in maintaining physical and mental health. The term ‘stress’ relates to our perception and response to events (stressors) that occur during our lives. Stressors can be considered under four sub-headings which are environmental stress, fatigue and sleeplessness, other biological factors (BSL, Alcohol, Medication), and the effect of major life events. Stressors within work can include dissatisfaction, lack of direction, imbalance within duties or lack of technical expertise.

This session will explore how to identify stressors and provide strategies to minimise their impact on our lifestyle. It aims to:
  • Define stress and physiological responses.

  • Identify methods to manage stress.

  • Explore personal work-life balance.

  • Heighten participants’ awareness on their own stressors.

  • Discuss an array of personal strategies including relaxation techniques and creating a positive environment.

A Health Professional will facilitate this session which involves group discussion and activities including the performance of relaxation techniques. Participants will be provided with a handout (Overview of the Relaxation Technique) to take away from the session.