Manual Handling Training for the Office Environment

This training session is aimed at providing office based workers with an understanding of optimal manual handling techniques and postures to use in order to minimise the risk of sustaining an injury.

Our manual handling training courses introduce the principles that are universally accepted as "best practice" - neutral spines, keep the load close, movement of the feet and legs. Overall the interactive training will educate workers on information relating to manual handling techniques, exercise, posture awareness, back care and self-management strategies. Learning is enhanced through the use of 5 key postures and 4 manual handling principles which are then applied to many commonly used techniques and work tasks in an office environment including movement of archive boxes, use of compactuses and trolleys, carrying equipment and repetitive tasks. You are able to nominate key tasks you would like us to cover in the training.

Facilitated by a Registered Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist or Exercise Physiologist, the trainer will use a variety of learning methods including small group work, open questions, hand-outs and practical activities in order to engage participants and assist with learning. Each participant will receive full colour handouts depicting key manual handling postures and injury prevention exercises.

Please note this session does not cover workstation ergonomics. For office based staff who perform a high amount of computer based duties, workstation ergonomics training is highly recommended. This can be provided in a separate session: Workstation Ergonomics and Injury Prevention Training, or combined in our Workstation Ergonomics and Manual Handling Training.