Job Analysis

A Job Analysis is a detailed onsite assessment of the inherent physical demands and content of work tasks. It is performed in order to isolate potential difficulties with job performance, to recommend possible solutions and to determine the most effective way of performing specified duties. This analysis will assist in facilitating an effective return to work outcome in cases when a worker’s recovery is slow or difficult, there are significant physical restrictions, pain is a predominant factor or the worker’s capacity is not stable. A detailed job description should be provided where possible prior to assessment.

A Job Analysis includes:
  • An analysis of the critical physical demands of available duties;

  • Determining the worker's capacity to undertake the duties and individual tasks giving consideration to available medical guidelines, the Physiotherapist's or Occupational Therapist's knowledge of the worker's diagnosis, pathology and prognosis, and other factors relevant to the worker's participation in work-related activities;

  • Making recommendations regarding:
- Modifications of duties and/or individual tasks

- The provision of equipment, therapeutic aids or appliances

- Introducing work practice guidelines to ensure the worker utilises safe body mechanics
  • Preparation of a report with an executive summary outlining the major components of the service and relevant findings.
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