Manual Task Technique Prompts

Technique Prompts highlight key manual handling principles and optimal postures to minimise the risk of injury. The prompt provides a visual and concise summary of work techniques and sets the expectations of how a task should be completed from a manual handling perspective.

The Technique Prompts can become part of daily business operations by:
  •  Forming the foundation of worker training;

  •  Being laminated and placed in the work area as a constant reminder to encourage workers to implement optimal practice;

  •  Integrating into Induction Programs;

  •  Forming discussion topics for workers or “tool box” meetings.

A major benefit of Technique Prompts is that they provide consistency and ongoing reinforcement of best practice manual handling techniques resulting in a cost effective and ‘message reinforcement’ tool being available to your workers.

Following completion of Technique Prompts, Manual Task Audit Forms can be developed (in conjunction with Manual Task Audit Training), in order to assist with the integration of this tool and optimal manual handling techniques into your daily business operations.

Technique Prompts can be developed specifically for your organisation, or if it is a common manual task, we may have already developed a generic document which you can purchase (if suitable for your site).

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