Job Dictionaries

A Job Dictionary provides a comprehensive analysis and outline of the physical demands required within a worker's job role. It breaks down a job role into the key ‘tasks’ that a worker is required to perform and provides detailed information relating to the physical demands (such as sitting, standing, lifting, pushing) placed on the worker as part of each task. This provides a basis for classifying the 'physical demand level’ of the job, which can assist an organisation from a Risk Minimisation and Injury Management (or Rehabilitation) perspective. More specifically, the Job Dictionary can be used to:

  • Assist with determining functional pre-employment criteria to allow for the accurate and appropriate job matching for applicants;

  • Identify higher risk manual tasks in the workplace;

  • Assist in facilitating timely, effective and sustainable return to work of injured workers.

For the Job Dictionaries, the physical demand level and frequency of work performed will be determined using the Dictionary of Occupational Titles Manual, US Department of Labour, 4th Edition, Revised 1991. Pinnacle has developed a colour coding system as a quick reference guide to the physical demand level of each position set out below.