Worksite Assessment

A Worksite Assessment is a specialised on-site assessment of the worker’s pre-injury duties and/or potential suitable duties in order to ensure a safe and suitable work placement occurs.

A Worksite Assessment may be required if:
  • The worker is certified fit to perform modified duties but the treating Medical Practitioner has expressed some doubts about providing medical clearance for pre-injury duties due to lack of knowledge about the worksite;

  • The availability and/or suitability of duties needs to be ascertained;

  • The worker's supervisor and/or co-workers need assistance to understand recommended work restrictions and safe work methods;

  • Advice regarding workplace design, modification, or provision of equipment, therapeutic aids and appliances is required to assist in maintaining a sustainable return to work.
Our Therapist will perform the assessment onsite and complete a report that includes a description of duties, physical environment, available work duties/jobs, working conditions and work demands. The report provides assistance for the worker, worker's supervisor and potentially co-workers to understand recommended work restrictions and safe work methods.

The Therapist will also make recommendations for the worker in terms of suitable duties, work practices and job layout, therapeutic aids, modification or provision of equipment required and self management considerations (such as task breaks and stretches).

To organise an assessment, download our referral form or contact us for more information.