SUMMIT is an online Musculoskeletal Risk Management Tool that promotes timely access to documents and resources and integrates the core streams of Pre-employment, Workplace Improvement, Rehabilitation / Return to Work and Wellness.

The Pre-Employment stream outlines the functional testing criteria for each of the job roles we have assessed and documented in your Job Dictionaries.

The Workplace Improvement stream can include a variety of documents, tools and resources that we have developed specifically for your company. These may include Manual Task Risk Assessments and Action PlansTechnique Prompts, Task Audit Forms, 'Pinnacle Performance strategies for the Office Environment Software' and Online Training Modules to name a few.

The Rehabilitation / Return to Work stream can include the development and upload of Job Dictionaries, Doctor's Letters and Functional Matching Matrix, photographs and video footage. These tools and resources will form the foundation of timely, effective and sustainable return to work by providing your Company and Service Providers with immediate information to make return to work decisions that drive ‘stay at work’ principles.

The Wellness stream can include a variety of documents, tools and resources on topics such as Healthy Eating, Exercise and Fitness, Workstation Set Up, and Work/Life Balance to name a few.


There are numerous overarching benefits associated with the uptake and use of SUMMIT. These include:
  • SUMMIT provides your company and Service Providers with immediate information to make early return to work decisions that drive ‘stay at work’ principles

  • SUMMIT focuses on tasks the injured worker can perform

  • Encourages a collaborative approach and communication between those included in rehabilitation

  • Doctors are provided with a clear representation of an injured worker's physical demands in their job role or in an alternative job role

  • Allows Doctors to view photographs and/or video footage online

  • Reduces need for job analyses (in particular duplication of JA’s), in turn reducing rehabilitation costs

  • Improve claim duration rates, in turn improving RTW KPI’s

  • Reduces overall claims costs

  • Promotes consistency of workplace improvement strategies

  • Ensures accuracy of pre employment testing criteria

  • Assists to foster safe and healthy workplaces

  • Provides information to workers to assist with optimising their health and wellbeing


Following completion of your document development and their upload onto SUMMIT, a URL link will be provided to your key company representatives together with two usernames and passwords. One password can be used by your personnel and will enable access to all four core streams of SUMMIT. You are able to provide the second password to external providers such as General Practitioners, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists to allow them to have immediate access to your Job Dictionaries, Doctors Letter's and video footage when determining suitable duties for a worker.

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